In AbilityLMS, System Administrators can run and save SQL statements directly against the database. These can be used to quickly get information from the database or make updates to the database.

Knowledge of writing SQL statements and the structure of the AbilityLMS database is required as updating, inserting or deleting data can adversely affect your ability to use the LMS. If you have any questions, please contact our support team before running an UPDATE, INSERT or DELETE statement.

There are four different passwords associated with four main keywords (SELECT, UPDATE, INSERT, DELETE) in SQL statements that can be processed inside AbilityLMS.

To view the keywords, select Configuration from the Manager menu and then click on the Configuration Manager link. On the Configuration Manager page, search for "SQLProcessor".

Below are examples of passwords used for the four different types of SQL statements that can be processed. The underlined words below identifies which password to use when running a statement that contains that keyword.

To change a password, simply click on the Pencil icon for the item you want to change. In the popup window, change the password and press the Save button.