Need: A user has to complete an initial training and after an initial time period (say 1 year), a refresher training every year thereafter. 

The choice of words here is important in the ease of setting this up in Ability LMS. 

Rather than using the term Refresher Training, I recommend using the term Annual Training for <Fill in the Blank> and for the initial training the term Initial Training for <Fill in the Blank>. 

Set-up in AbilityLMS becomes very easy when looking at this need through this lens. 

Add the Initial and Annual course records. 

For the Annual Training 

1. Make the Initial Training a Prerequisite. 

2. Make the Initial Training equivalent to the Annual Training. (Do not make the Annual Training equivalent to the Initial Training.) 

Build a Learning Track consisting only of the Annual Training. (Do not add the Initial Training as a requirement.)

What happens with a Learner who has never taken the training? 

A learner sees they have to take the Annual Training and clicks/touches the tile to access. 

If they have not taken the Annual Training, they are told they need to satisfy the Prerequisite, the Initial Training. 

The user has a link from the Annual Training to immediately access the Initial Training which they can then Enroll into if a class or launch if an E-learning course. 

The user completes the Initial Training and because it is equivalent to the Annual Training, they have satisfied the requirement!

What happens when it is time to re-train, often called re-fresh on the training?

A learner sees or is notified the training is about to expire and clicks / touches the tile for the assignment. 

They can immediately launch or enroll into the Annual training having satisfied the prerequisite! 

What does reporting show?

Reporting shows when the training was satisfied or when it expires or is due. 

If reporting is configured to show the history title. as opposed to the course title, it will show they took the Initial training or the Annual training. 

The problem with refresher training is solved!