A System Administrator can only delete a Security Profile when it is not in use.

  • In this example we will delete INSTRUCTOR, but when a System Administrator is deleting this profile he/she hit on this message (refer to the image below).

The message that displays here is user definable and may be different than what displays here; however, the gist is you cannot delete a security profile if any user is assigned to the profile. This is a common occurrence during implementation when testing a user definable security profile and ultimately using a different profile.  Also during reviews when a decision is made a security profile is no longer needed or not used. It is super easy to create profiles, but you can't delete a profile if it is assigned to a user. 

Here are the steps on how we can safely remove the security profile for a Manager level security profile. 

  1. Identify who is using the INSTRUCTOR Security Profile. Under the MANAGER MENU | ADMINISTRATION, go to AbilityLMS Managers.

2.  In LearnerWeb Manager Page, at the top row look for SECURITY PROFILE and check who is using the INSTRUCTOR security profile. In this case Sample106,Demo is assigned as instructor, we can change the security profile by clicking on the green-i button or deleting the Learner. 

Here are some advanced ways to find users with a security profile:

1. If you have a large number of managers, often the Security Profile name is enabled for the Search feature. Enter the Security Profile name or enough of the name and do a search. A System Administrator level user can make the column searchable if not enabled. 

2. If you have a large number of managers, often the Security Profile name is enabled to sort. Click on the column name to sort by Security Profile,then at the bottom of the screen select List-All. Scroll to the where the security profile would list. A System Administrator level user can make the column sortable if not enabled. 

3. We have a column search feature implemented in newer-builds where there is a filter icon in the column. If you see the filter icon, you can click on the filter icon, and filter on Instructor. A System Administrator level user can enable the column filter feature.  

4. At the bottom of the screen, select List All. Press the CTRL + F keys at the same time and in the search box that opens enter Instructor. This is using the browser to search all records. 

5. When the green-i button is clicked, it will land on the Manager Edit page under Properties tab, Change the ID in Manager Security Profile ID to a value other than Instructor and click on SAVE.

6. Once all users with the instructor security profile are changed (or their manager record deleted), we can now delete the INSTRUCTOR security profile. Once the DELETE button is clicked the Security Profile Manager page will refresh and show the updated list of Security Profile.

If you trying to delete a User level security profile, build a filter on the people listing for the security profile in question. Edit users as needed. If you have a large number of users who need to be rolled to an active security profile, log a support ticket and we will roll the users to an desired security profile as a support action as we can do this directly against the database.