Learning Resource is a special library/catalog that is a collection of links to documents (SOP, instructional guide or forms), website and/or videos that are used as reference materials. What makes them different from other libraries is that the individual courses in the Resource Library are not tracked, so no additional history is created.

These are the steps on  creating and adding a Learning Resource library:

1. The first step is to import a Learner Resource, on MANAGER TILES, click on the ADD COURSE link inside the Courses Tile. The Add Course Wizard pops open a box. Click on LEARNING RESOURCE and on the NEXT button to continue.

NOTE: One of the common question that is always asked is that "DO LEARNING RESOURCE LIBRARIES REQUIRE A SPECIAL TYPE OF COURSE?". The answer to this is YES, refer to the image below on how to set the type of course to a Learning Resource. 

  • Assign a type of Course by navigating to MANAGER MENU | COURSES.

2. Enter the information needed on the text field, in the Course Unit Type ID select the type of resource that will be added (Book/Article, Video, Webcast, etc.), put the URL of the learning resource into Launch URL field. Once done click SAVE AND CLOSE WINDOW.

NOTE: All the fields with an asterisk (*) are required to fill in.

3. Once the Learner Resource is imported to the system next step is to add a Learner Resource catalog and courses, to do this click on the ADD CATALOG link inside the Libraries tile to access the form under the MANAGER TILES.

4. Enter the appropriate data for these required fields:
              Catalog ID: Enter alphanumeric values. In this illustration, LRC002 is used.
              NOTE: Use underscore and NOT space if required (use LRC_002 instead of LRC 002).

              Catalog Name: Enter alphanumeric values as required (spaces are supported). In the illustration above, Learning Resources Marketing is used.

5. When ready, click on the SAVE AND CLOSE WINDOW button.

6. On the Catalog Manager, select the Catalog name that you want to add courses, and click on the green-i button under Action.

7. Click on the COURSES tab and press the green plus (+) symbol to add the target course to the Course Catalog. This starts the wizard and opens a new window.

8. Enter the Course ID, and click on NEXT, in this case, we typed in LR to see all courses that starts with LR. Tick on Select All to select all the course. Click on NEXT button once done.

TIP: Just click on the NEXT button to see all the Courses inside the database.

9. The next window will show all the courses that were selected. Select the desired enrollment rule and click on NEXT button once done.