Consider the following scenario: Two instructor-led classes for the same topic (content) was scheduled for a morning and afternoon session but using two different 'course containers' when adding the classes through the Master Schedule, resulting in the classes having two different Course IDs. Unfortunately, the two classes were completed and updated before anyone noticed the problem. After running a report, the staff noticed the problem and now wants to merge the history assigned to the two classes, while removing one of the 'course containers' so this problem doesn't occur again. How can this task be performed? 

Use the the Change Primary Key function. In this example,  the history associated to the afternoon class with the CourseID CLS003  will be merged with the CourseID CLS002. Then CLS003 will be DELETED from the learning system.

CAUTION: This tool works directly with the learning database. Changes made here cannot be undone and will require an administrator to restore the database. This may result in lost data if the task was performed in the afternoon but the database backup was completed earlier in the morning. 

1. First, review the history associated with the two classes. Select MANAGER MENU | COURSES and click on names of the courses that will be merged. In the illustration below, the history assigned to CLS003 will be merged to CLS002, and then deleted.

2. Select ADMINISTRATION | MANAGER MENU, and under the Utilities label, click on CHANGE PRIMARY KEY.

3. The Change Primary KeyAdmin page has 4 options that need to be set:

a.) In Table drop-down menu, select on CourseID.

b.)  Set the Merge option to Change all, including the Primary key, as this option will move the history into the 'target' CourseID and delete the 'source' CourseID. The other option - Change all, except primary key - is used to move the history to the 'target' CourseID, while retaining the 'source' Course ID.

c.) Enter the 'source' CourseID into the Original Key field (NOTE: This key will be the deleted ID).

d.) Enter the 'target' CourseID, or the course to receive the history from the 'source' CourseID. When ready, click the GO button. A confirmation text displays when the task is completed.

4. Open the COURSES page and confirm that the history has been moved to the 'target' CourseID (CLS002) and that the 'source' CourseID (CLS003) has been deleted, as illustrated below.