One of the reasons may be due to the fact that the Learning Track doesn't have at least one course that is required and/or has an Expiry Date. In order for AbilityLMS to mark a Learning Track as completed, it must have a minimum of one course required. Otherwise, the learning system will never be able to mark the Track as completed or finished.Please verify and adjust the courses in the target Learning Track, as required.

Another reason may be that the Learning Track wasn't synchronized with the latest course completion status. Perhaps a 'trigger' failed to fire at some point and an earlier synchronization was missed. 

Below are the steps on how to setup synchronization.


2.  On the Administration Page click on SYNCHRONIZE ASSIGNMENTS.

3. Please read the instructions carefully before proceeding, once ready fill the the necessary information needed and click on the NEXT button.

4.  Once done, Wizard Setup 2 will appear for confirmation. When ready click on the CLOSE WINDOW.