AbilityLMS uses Flexi-Groups, which is a unique process allowing you to identify groups of Courses, Learners Learners and Catalogs. Once identified, the group is assigned a name which you can then use to quickly perform and automate tasks such as enrolling the Flexi-Group into classes, sending marketing emails and more.

Below are the steps on how to assign a Learners Flexi-Group to a System Administrator or Manager. Before beginning, you should identify:

  • The LearnerID or Learner Name of the person you will be assigning.
  • The name of the Learners Flexi-Group you will be assigning.

In the example below, we will be assigning a System Administrator (Sample4, Demo) to a Learners Flexi-Group called "All Users".


2. On ADMINISTRATION, page under Security setup, click on AbilityLMS Managers.

3. Select a Manager or System Administrator who will be assigned to a Flexi-Group. In the example below, we are using "Sample4, Demo" (a System Administrator).

4. Once the user is selected, click on the LEARNER FLEXI-GROUP MANAGER tab and then click on the "+" icon.

5.  On the new window, select a Flexi-Group from the  *Flexi Group drop down and click SAVE AND CLOSE WINDOW. In the example below, we selected the Flexi-Group "All Users".

6. Log out and then log back in as the user you assigned the Learners Flexi-Group to. Navigate to the Manager Menu and select People from the drop down and verify that the user can now see the appropriate people. (Note: If the user is logged in, they have to log out and log in back again to see the changes.)