AbilityLMS uses Flexi-Groups, which is a unique process allowing you to identify groups of Courses, Learners and Catalogs. Once identified, the group is assigned a name which you can then use to quickly perform and automate tasks such as enrolling the Flexi-Group into classes, sending marketing emails and more.

Flexi-Groups are dynamic, meaning that the group continually changes as new Learners, Course or Catalogs are added or subtracted from the LMS. So you build a Flexi-Group once and a background process will update the Flexi-Group every day, at a scheduled time.

There are 3 types of Flexi-Groups inside Ability LMS.

To see the different types, click on ADMINISTRATION inside the Manager menu. On the Administration page under the "Managers" section the three types of Flexi-Groups are displayed: Courses, Learners, and Catalogs. While the most often used Flexi-Group is Learners, the process used to create any Flex-Group follows the same steps.