There are a number of different types of documents that can be uploaded and associated with various items such as courses, classes, history and people. 

These document types can include:

  • Assignment Waivers
  • Certificates
  • Competency Notes
  • Correspondence
  • Course Agenda
  • Course Feedback
  • Course Material
  • Course Outline
  • Course Pre-Work
  • Release Notes
  • Research Document
  • Standard Operating Procedure
  • Training Request

To see what document types you can add to a class or course, go to the DOCUMENTS tab and click the green plus (+) icon.  The next window show the different types of documents that can be uploaded into the system.

You can change what types of documents can be used in Ability LMS by going to CONFIGURATION in the Manager Menu and selecting DOCUMENT TYPE MANAGER.

The Document Type Manager page shows a list of all of the document types available to the system. You can add a new document type by clicking on the green plus (+) icon.

You can also change where a document types will display in various "wizards". To change this, click on the pencil icon for a particular document type. On the Edit a Document Type page, click on the No or Yes radio buttons to hide or show that document type in various wizards.

In the example below, we want the document type "Certificate" to show in the "COURSE DOCUMENT ADD WIZARD".

When finished, click SAVE.

If we go to Courses and add a document, you can see that we are now able to add a Certificate.