Flexi-Groups can be added to Catalogs and Learning Tracks, immediately giving the members of the group access to the courses or view scheduled training from the calendar. 

1.  To add a Flexi-Group to a Catalog or Learning Track, select CATALOG MANAGER from the Manager menu. Then click on the name of the Catalog or Learning Track, in this example we will select the Course Catalog "Learning Resource Marketing".

2. Then click on ASSIGNMENT CRITERIA tab. AbilityLMS allows multiple Flexi-Groups to be used. If there are any existing Flexi-Group assigned, they will appear on this page. Click on the green Plus icon (+) to add a new Flexi-Group. 

3. Choose the appropriate Flexi-Group by typing the Flexi-Group ID and press the NEXT button to continue. 

TIP: Type in at least 4 letters of the desired Flexi-Group ID and the system will give suggestions.

4. When the confirmation message displays, press CLOSE WINDOW to dismiss the box.

5. The new assigned Flexi-Group appears on the page. Now, all current members of the Flexi-Group can see and access this Learning Track. 

TIP: Flexi-Groups are updated on a regular basis, but it doesn't run continually. If new people have been added to the system, they might not be added right away. However, you can force the system to update a Flexi-Group by clicking on the WIZARD icon.

6. Select PROCEED WITH ASSIGNMENT and press the NEXT button.

7. The confirmation message shows that the assignments to new members of the group have been completed. Press the CLOSE WINDOW button to dismiss the box.


If you delete a flex group from a learning track, the Execute Assignment Criteria feature will not clear any auto-assignments. Any auto-assignments will be cleared when the nightly job to process all auto-assignments runs. If adding a flexi group and running the Execute Assignment Criteria creates an urgent support issue where you cannot wait for the nightly job, either log a support ticket or delete and recreate the learning track.