The Course Home Page is like a landing page specifically for the course, all in one place:

  1. It contains information about the course such as description and completion status, prerequisites.
  2. Has links to the course as well as links to related documents including certificates.
  3. Maintains a consistent look for all types of courses.

Problem: Learners have to access different pages in order to perform certain tasks, such as launching the course, opening assigned documents, working through assigned workflows.

Solution: The Course Home Page provides all of the above information and links from a single page.

Problem: Learners are uncertain about where to find certain documents that are related to the course.

Solution: The Course Home Page organizes all related documents, printing of certificates and workflows making it easy for all of your Learners to find the documents they need.

Problem: Learners have to go into the Learning System to access their training.

Solution: Having the Course Home Page enabled on your system allows courses to be securely launched without the user having to physically click through the LMS. A secure link can even be used as part of a marketing email.