AbilityLMS allows Learning Administrators to "carve out" an area in the learning system designated to a group, such as a department or a committee.

People (Learners, Administrators, Managers) and courses are assigned to a Training Area. Once a person is assigned to a Training Area, they have access to the courses in that Training Area.

For example, let's say that the HR Department has specific training that they want all HR people to take and they only want the HR Manager to manage these courses.

The System Administrator would set up the Training Area, set the HR Manager as the manger for the courses, and assign the appropriate HR staff to this Training Area. The System Administrator or the HR Manager can then add existing courses or create new courses for this Training Area.

Once set up, only the people assigned to this Training Area can see the courses and only the System Administrator and, in this example, the HR Manager can manage these courses.

Learners and Managers can be assigned to multiple Training Areas as well as have access to general training.

For more detailed information on Training Areas and how to set them up, please refer to the "Training Areas" course in our Certified LMS Administrator (CLA) Program.