A Learner account can be assigned to a Training Area Manager role by following the below steps.

1. Click on ADMINISTRATION under the MANAGER MENU then click on the AbilityLMS MANAGER link.

2. Any previously assigned Training Coordinators, Training Area Managers, Managers and System Administrators will appear in the grid. Click on the green Plus (+) icon to add a new Training Area Manager.

3. Once the green Plus (+) icon is clicked, the ADD AbilityLMS MANAGER wizard will pop up.

  1. Select the name of the learner that you want to be a Manager.
  2. Click on the right arrow button.
  3. The name of selected learner will appear to the Selected portion.
  4. Click Next button.

4. For Manager Security Profile ID select Training Area Manager. When ready, press the NEXT button to continue.

5. To finish the process, click on the "List Mangers" radio button and then click NEXT button. The window closes and the LearnerWeb Managers grid refreshes, displaying the new manager.