In this article we will tackle how to check the email logs using EVENT LOG VIEWER. This feature can be extremely helpful to track down email delivery problems. AbilityLMS has excellent technology on the email sending side of the system. EVENT LOG VIEWER will show you the date and time the email was sent, the FROM and TO addresses and the type of email that was. To access this feature, you must have permission to access the Administration menu. 


2. On the EVENT LOG VIEWER PAGE, the System Administrator can see when and what time the email was sent to the user including the email address under Event Narrative. What kind of email was sent is suggested under Event Type Name.

If you see an email sent to the user, it means the system handed the email off to the email server. At this point the email is sent. It does not guarantee delivery. 

Note the FROM address. If the address is using an email domain for your organization, check to make sure the SPF record and whitelisting is in place. Please see the attached document for more information. 

You may need to engage your email support team as well. Using the date-time of the log entry and FROM / TO addresses, most mail servers that receive email have logs that can be searched that will show how the receiving email server handled the incoming email and where it was sent next. Your resources just keep tracing the servers until they find it was delivered or was grabbed by some process such as a proxy server that is filtering emails. AbilityLMS works really well in sending a lot of emails, and both client-side technology and staffing can change where both may need to be made aware of the existence of our technology to allow for smooth operation.