When working with Generic On-line, you are primarily dealing with a PDF, Microsoft Office or MP4 video file. In the past, to load one of these files to the learning server, you created a ZIP file and used the course upload feature or directly uploaded to the server. For those who have direct access to folders where these documents are stored, an FTP tool, such as Filezilla, is used to push the file to the learning server. 

The process above describes the steps for pushing the documents to the learning server. An additional step required the corresponding URL to be inserted into the Generic Online course that pointed to where the file could be found. This has been a source of frustration when this link was inserted manually, often incorrectly.

Now, there is good news. This entire process is just became easier!

1.) Start by creating a new Generic Online course. Logged in as an Administrator, open the Courses page and choose Generic Online as the course type. 

2.) Once created, open the target Generic Online course. TIP: The next steps can be performed with existing Generic Online courses.

3.) Press the Documents tab.

4.) When ready, click the Green Plus Icon (+). 

5.) From the popup box, choose Course Materials and press NEXT to continue. 

TIP: If you do not see the COURSE MATERIAL option, please log a support ticket for MaxIT to implement this feature. However, and an important point, this feature IS NOT available in the learning system build that is more than 2 years behind our current release. Please contact MaxIT, or log a support ticket, requesting details for updating you to the latest build, Ability Platform. Click this link to read details about Ability Platform and secure a 7-Day Free Trial to review our award-winning, video-based, micro-learning courses.

6.)  Insert an appropriate title for the document or video.

7.) Select the option "SAVE DOCUMENT AND PROMOTE TO LAUNCH URL" highlighted in yellow.

8.) Press the CHOOSE FILE button, navigate to where the target document or video file resides on your computer. Select the target file. TIP: The name of the file now displays to the right of the button.

9.) When ready, press NEXT. The associated Launch URL in the corresponding Generic Online course is automatically inserted into the Launch URL field. Verify by pressing the Properties tab.  TIP: Make sure that the proper Course Wrapper (also referred to as Launch Controller for previous versions of the LMS) is selected, as certain file types require a specific wrapper. For example, the Standard Generic wrapper works for direct links to PDF, and Microsoft Office files, while Video Player is exclusively for direct links to MP4 video files.