Fiddler is a tool you can use to troubleshoot problems with courses and to make sure the course is working properly in the browser. Problems that fiddler can help solve:

  • It can tell you if files are missing when the course was published to the server, 
  • Identify permission problems if the course is pulling resources from different areas of the WWW
  • Show the tracking communication from the course to AbilityLMS. and visa versa. 

Fiddler can also be used to help isolate why a course is freezing. For example, Fiddler will show the course requesting a movie or flash file. If the course freezes when that file is referenced, it is a good clue the file is bad or the browser is not configured to support the format. 

Fiddler is a tool we recommend clients supporting e-learning content download and use before contacting MaxIT for courseware support as this will be one of the 1st things we ask for. Once you launch into the course, you are not in the LMS, and a freeze in the course or some other problem in the course is only rarely an LMS issue. FIddler will help you determine if you need to engage us in support, the problem is in the course or the problem is in the user environment. This is one of the most powerful support tools we use and we recommend this tool to clients without reservation.