A common task in AbilityLMS is a need to load a PDF or Video you want users to review and track in the system. History is created when the Learner signs off they have reviewed the content.  

While there are several ways this can be done, here is one easy approach. 

1. If you have a PDF, create a new generic online course with defaults. If you have a video, create a Generic Online course and select Video Player as the Launch Controller or wrapper. TIP: If you do not have the Video Player option, then you need to upgrade to the latest version pf AbilityLMS. For your PDF document, leave the Launch Parameters or URL field blank. Launch Parameters is custom field and is often called Target URL or Launch URL depending on your build. 

2. Once the Generic Online course for your PDF is created, open the new course, select the DOCUMENTS tab (1), click the Plus Icon (+) (2) and choose COURSE MATERIAL (3) as the document type.

3. Enter an appropriate document name , select the Save Document and Promote to Launch URL option. For the final step, press the CHOOSE FILE button, navigate to the PDF or Video file. Press NEXT to complete the wizard. But wait,  What if the Save Document and Promote to Launch URL option isn't available? Then proceed to step 4. 

4. For older versions of the learning system, the SAVE DOCUMENT AND PROMOTE TO LAUNCH URL option is not available. So additional steps need to be completed. Select SAVE DOCUMENT ONLY, click on the CHOOSE FILE button and select the target PDF or Video. Press NEXT when ready., as illustrated below, the document is now assigned to the Generic Online course.

5.  Click on the Document tile to open in a new window.Then copy the URL to your clip board. Make sure the target URL loads the PDF or video. 

6. Click on the PROPERTIES tab and paste the URL into the Launch Parameters  and save the change.  The Generic Online course is now ready.

TIP: Document files are limited to of 300MBs. If you have a larger documents or video files, please contact MaxIT support.