Many MaxIT Clients use SkillSoft as their courseware vendor. SkillSoft has thousands of courses and we have a utility to load all their courses at once saving you a lot of time. 

SkillSoft provides a customer portal application called OLSA. From OLSA you can download the meta-data of all the courses in your subscription. As SkillSoft adds / removes courses, you can access OLSA as needed to get the most recent list of courses. Contact SkillSoft for instructions in how to access OLSA and generate the meta-data. 

When you generate the SkillSoft meta-data file it is generated in a CSV file format. AbilityLMS cannot handle the CSV format so the file has to be converted to a tab delimited format. This is very easy. Simply open the SkillSoft meta-data file in Excel and then Save As and select the tab delimited format. 

if you are on the AbilityBuild of LearnerWeb and we know you are using SkillSoft, we will enable a feature to Import SkillSoft, It can be added to the Admin menu or sub-menu. (1)  

Select the SkillSoft meta-data file (2). Make sure it is in tab-delimited format. 

Vendor Library is a way to further categorize the content. It is parked on a field in the course record and can be ignored if you do not want to add a value. 

We recommend when you generate the SkillSoft meta-data file you generate for all courses in your subscription and select YES for the Inactivate Excluded Courses. This will automatically make inactive courses not in the meta-data file which represents courses either no-longer in your subscription or which have been retired. If you are adding only new courses, then you would want to select NO for the Inactive Excluded Courses as this will then only add the courses not already in the system. 

Please note that if the course is already in the system, the course title is automatically synced to the title in the SkillSoft meta-data file. You also should never change the Course IDs and use the course ids supplied by SkillSoft. When using this utility all courses are added to a SkillSoft course catalog. You can add users to that catalog or pull individual courses into learning tracks or other catalogs. Vendor ID will contain SkillSoft for all courses. You can filter by Vendor ID on reports and in the Course Manager.