When a new Manager or Learning Administrator is added to the learning system, remember to assign a Learner Flexi-Group to each AbilityLMS Manager; otherwise, the new Manager or administrator will NOT be able to see anyone when they open the PEOPLE page. 

  • Assigned Learner Flexi-Groups determine what names of existing learners a Manager or Administrator see. In the illustration below, this Learning Administrator is assigned to a flexi-group that only identifies their account, which is why no other people appear when the People page is opened.

How do you assign a Flexi-Group to a new Manager or Administrator?


       2. From the Administration page, under Security Setup label, click on AbilityLMS Managers.

       3. Select the target Manager or Administrator that cannot see people. In this example,  Sample107, Demo user is selected.

        4. This opens, by default, to the Properties tab for this Manager/Administrator. Click on the LEARNER FLEXI-GROUP MANAGER  tab. Now click on the green plus icon (+) icon to assign an existing Flexi-Group.

       5. Expand the Flexi Group drop-down menu, and then choose an appropriate Flexi-Group, such as All Users in the illustration below The ALL USER Flexi-Group would be appropriate for an Administrator, as this assignment allows them to see everyone in the system. For a Manager, select the appropriate Flexi-Group.  Or create a new Flexi-Group that identifies just those Learners who report to this Manager, by selecting FLEX_GROUP MANAGER - LEARNERS from the Administration page, clicking the Green Plus (+) icon and working through the Filters. 

            Once an appropriate Flexi-Group is selected, click on the  Save and Close Window button.

      6. Now when the target Administrator, in this illustration,  logs into AbilityLMS, Learner names now display when they open the People page. TIPThe new Manager and/or Administrator may need to log out and then back in to see the change.