Every learner in the learning system is assigned to a unique Learner ID. There are occasions when a System Administrator needs to change the existing LearnerID to a new value. This article will show you how to change the existing LearnerID, while keeping the associated learner's history. 

NOTE: Only the System Administrator can change a LearnerID. 

1. Go to People Listing Page and copy the LearnerID of the user you want to change. In this example, let's change the LearnerID from Demo204 to Demo104. Note that this Learner has finished three courses. 


3. In Change Primary Key page are four selections used to change an existing Learner ID. CAUTION: Make sure that the new LearnerID value doesn't exist in the People page before using it.

a.) In Table drop-down menu, select on LearnerID

b.) The Merge options determine on how the Learner ID and associated records are updated. Choose the first option, Change all, including the Primary key, to change the existing Learner ID, while maintaining all of the Learner's associated records (history).

c.) Enter in the Original Key field the EXISTING Learner ID.

d.) Enter in the New Key field the NEW Learner ID. When ready, click the GO button.  

4. The page updates with a confirmation that the change was made. Open the People page and visually confirm that the LearnerID has been changed, as expected. In this example, the Learner ID Demo204 is changed to Demo104. Also note that the associated history (three finished courses) is assigned to the new LearnerID.