New Learners are provided an initial password. For security reasons, Learners can be forced to change their password, following these steps:

TIP: If learner accounts are created automatically using an HR Feed process -- a tab delimited text file generated everyday from the customer HR System or an authoritative source used to manage login data for Single Single-On (SSO) -- then DO NOT use enable this feature. 

     1.) Select MANAGER MENU | People.

     2.) Click on the the target Learner Name to open the associated Learner Properties. In this example, the Demo104 account is opened.

     3.) Now click on the PROPERTIES tab and look for Change Password. Select the YES option and then on SAVE.

TIP: Enable Option 


If the Change Password is NOT available as an option, then click on EDIT. This opens the OBJECT DATA ITEMS page in a new tab. When ready, click on the Green Plus (+) icon.

Select Learner_PasswordChange from the *Data Item Name" drop-down menu and insert the proper Display Sequence value, such as 170 in the illustration below to control where this option appears inside the form. Also set the Edit Allowed option to CREATE AND UPDATE using the drop-down menu. When ready, press SAVE and close the tab in the Web Browser.


The next time the Learner logs into the learning system, the Change Password box opens. Enter the appropriate data, as required and click NEXT.

A confirmation page displays stating that the password is successfully changed. The Learner is reminded what password is required the next they log into the system. Click NEXT to complete the process. 

TIP: Learners will be prompted to change their password every time they log into the learning system until its been changed successfully.

NOTE: Please reach out to MaxIT of this option needs to be assigned to a group of Learners. This is something MaxIT can do quickly through proper SQL statements. Remember that the target group of Learners need unique data to identified them as a group, such as a department, status, hire date, employee type or by some other option(s).