This article reviews the process of assigning a Learner as a Learning System Administrator, which allows them access to all functions relating to people. courses and system configurations.

1. Log in as System Administrator.  Click on MANAGER MENU | Administration.

2. From the Administration Page, click on AbilityLMS Managers (older versions of the learning system may have the previous branding name -- LearnerWeb Managers -- as the link).

 3.  The AbilityLMS Managers page opens. A list of all Learners assigned to the various Security Profiles display. To assign an existing Learner as a System Administrator or any other Security Profile, click on the  Green Plus (+) icon.

     4. Enter the name(s) of the target Learner(s). In the image below, AbilityLMS displays the new Manager wizard that allows multiple Learners to be identified and selected.

A.) Search for the Learner(s) by entering and/or selecting filter option inside the first column. Press the FIND QUALIFYING LEARNERS button to display the names inside the second column.

B.) Select the one or more Learner names in the second column.

C.) Click on the right arrow button to add the selected names to the third column.

D.) The name(s) of the learner(s) now displays inside the third column.

E.) Continue to the process to add additional name(s), as necessary. When ready, click NEXT to continue.

TIP: Only one Security Profile can be assigned in this process so make sure when identifying more than one Learner that all selected Learners are to be assigned to the same Security Profile.

5. Note that this next step lists all of the select Learners from the previous step. From the MANAGER PROFILE SECURITY ID drop-down menu, select on the target Security Profile to be assigned to the selected Learner(s). In the illustration below, SYSTEM ADMINISTRATOR is selected. Click NEXT to continue.

6. A confirmation message now displays. Choose ADD MORE MANAGERS to assign additional Learners to a Security Profile or LIST MANAGERS to update the list of managers. Click NEXT to continue.

     7. The LIST MANAGERS option now refreshes the list of managers, which includes the new Learner(s). In this example, Demo 104 is now a System Administrator.. This learner will have access to ALL Learning Administration functions the next time they log into the system.

TIP: Remember that all new managers MUST be assigned to one or more Learner Flexi-Group before they can access PEOPLE.  This is done from the AbilityLMS Managers page. Just click on the new Learner name, click on the LEARNER FLEXI-GROUP MANAGER tab and then on the Green Plus (+) icon. Refer to the FLEXI-GROUP MANAGER knowledge base for additional information..