Emails may be stopped by your spam filter. Keep in mind that notifications sent by the AbilityLMS require a few things to be set up properly, both in the learning system, as well as your server:

1.) Identify the learning account you plan to use as the FROM in each of the scheduled communication. For example, many use the LearnerWeb Administrator (LWADM) learner. In this example, open the properties for this learner and change the associated email to the target email account in your company, such as TIP: The email address used must exist in your company.

2.) As an alternative,  create a new AbilityLMS account that is NEVER going to be used by anyone, such as TRADM01  --  Training Admin, and assign the target email to this account.  TIP: Be sure to give this account a secure password. When ready, select Administration | AbilityLMS Managers and assign the System Admin security profile. 

3.) Once that task is done, select Configuration | Approval Manager and click on the Green Plus (+) icon. In the illustration below, a new Approver ID and Name have been created ('Training Administrator'). The key thing here is that the Learner ID entered into the field identifies the new learner account 'TRADM01' that was previously created. Click SAVE AND CLOSE WINDOW, when ready.

4.) One final option is to have MaxIT create a account, which can then be used for the FROM option in any communication email. However, the company is required to create the same email account on their server.  As shown below, this new account is now available to be used in the EMAIL FROM AND EMAIL REPLY TO drop-down menus when setting up a scheduled communication.

5.) One final step is to make preparation on the company server. Ask your IT department to create an SPF record in the DNS server for, as well as 'white list' the MaxIT email server. For more details, please read the attached PDF document.